Another help that LinkedIn offers in your profile are aptitude tests . They serve to prove that you have the knowledge that you say you have in your profile. And finally you can add or remove sections to make the profile yours and make it stand out in searches and visits. Precisely every week you will obtain data on who has found your profile and has visit you. LinkedIn is used to meet professionals and companies Source: LinkedIn Search Jobs to find a job on LinkedIn Now that we have our profile ready to be found and with a notice for those looking for new professionals we already have the passive part of looking for a job ready.

Reducing The Wage

But finding a job on LinkedIn also requires an important active part . And that is the classic job search. To make it easy for you LinkedIn has a section call Jobs . There you can email database create active searches that will show you job offers and notify you when new offers are publish. You can configure them to find specific profiles specific locations special conditions etc. And since the same position is call in a thousand ways you will need several searches to find offers relate to your specialty.

email database

Diversity With Actions

LinkedIn will help you with suggestions for the searches you perform. You can also be inspir by the keywords you find in job offers similar to what you are looking for. You can Contact Lists also search by specialty or specific knowledge . In the case of a programmer look for the most demand programming languages. What should be clear is that after dedicating time to your profile to find a job on LinkedIn you will have to carry out searches refine them and help you with the job alerts that you will find in the same Jobs section . The Job Seeker feature will help you find a job on LinkedIn Let recruiters know Whether you’re looking to find a job on LinkedIn or browsing for new opportunities.

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