Aukje is a lung nurse at Thebes and receives guidance in propagating USA Phone Number List her ambassadorship on various online and offline stages. Align the personal stories with your corporate story Make sure that the messages from your own influencers match your corporate branding. Is your corporate branding campaign focused on innovation? Then it makes sense for your USA Phone Number List internal ambassadors to create and distribute content about innovation. Write blogs together or start vlogging and share this content. You will notice that this will make you more talked about online. If you keep track of who your influencers are and facilitate them in the distribution of your content, your organic reach will grow.

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You will see this growth in your statistics: the traffic to your USA Phone Number List website, likes, followers, reactions, et cetera. The reach of your influencers and the number of employees who distribute the content also grows. A positive development for brand building. Build your own ambassador program for home grown influencers in 6 steps: Step 1 | Identify your predecessors. Who USA Phone Number List are already active online, natural ambassadors and influencers in your organization? Bring them together and listen to them. Start with a group of maximum 12 people. The group should not be too large because it is important that you can take the time and effort to listen to everyone. Step 3 | Organize a number of meetings (minimum four, once a month) where you determine what ambassadorship is.

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Themes for these meetings are: – Pride: why do you work for this USA Phone Number List organization? – Stories: what are the personal stories, how do they overlap the corporate story and how can you tell that together? – Getting started: having a joint online presence, creating and distributing USA Phone Number List content. Here you can make it as crazy as you want. Make your choice for the channel that suits the employee. What kind of content are you going to create? Video, text, photos, articles for trade magazines? Preferably start with one channel, one content form and make sure that your ambassadors master this well before you move on to another channel or other content form.

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