In this organize chaos it is necessary that everything is monitor in real time to avoid accidents that cost human lives or the loss of products. To do this private 5G networks can offer this data delivery generat by thousands of sensors. And respond in seconds to an incident or unforeseen event. In summary. 5G private networks respond to the needs of industry and other productive sectors. Sectors that require efficient monitoring automation control and/or surveillance systems for which the deployment of wireless secure modular low latency fast and stable networks is necessary.

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The expressionthe pandemic has change everything” may seem repetitive to you but it is true that it has definitely change our consumption habits. This add to the phone number list advancement of new technologies and the opportunity to adapt to new consumption habits demande by users make other methods appear to reach the customer. Now it is more common to consume content in video format and there is an interest in quick purchase and interaction with the brand . That is why brands have had to reinvent themselves and adopt new ways of promoting their products such as Live Shopping.

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Reality Is That We Are Still Few

Although it is nothing new since it has been applie. For better or worse LinkedIn has become a virtual public square where businesses and professionals meet . If business cards are exchanged at a physical event they follow each other on LinkedIn Contact Lists create like-minded groups and post offers. And one of its great advantages is that with some effort and tenacity you can find a job on LinkedIn. Or seen in another way companies from all over the world can meet professionals of your stature. But just as in Google there are millions of results to a search and that in YouTube there are thousands of videos to watch in LinkedIn there is supply and demand in large quantities.

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