Every day tons of products are released and possibly every day, somewhere in the world, someone is having a brilliant idea for a revolutionary product that could change a lot of things. Of all those products that are launched every day, it is more than likely that many, many will die and do not even make it to the end of the year. Of all those brilliant ideas, few are likely to be developed and very few of those that do become successful products. And it is that the real life of a product and a brand, no matter how much some consumers like it or they seem to be of superior quality, can be very limited. Everyone agrees that having a good product is essential to reach the market and above all Luxembourg Phone Number List to make it have a much longer and much more effective life than it could have if it were not. At the end of the day, a product from ‘everything a hundred’ or from one of those chains does not really connect with the consumer and does not achieve brand loyalty. We buy it because it is cheap, period, but we do not become active users of that brand and loyal buyers of those products. Consumers buy a lot of things that are not so good but that have been known to sell better
But is this enough? Is it valid that the product is good to reach the consumer? The truth is that no. In the list of products that have been falling over time it is possible to find many examples of very good, very interesting and superior quality products that did not fit in with the market because they were too expensive, they were too difficult to find or because, simply, nobody knew how to sell them. Many of these products were unknown to consumers, who remained oblivious to them and therefore never considered buying them because they directly did not even know that these products existed. Nobody had made them a good marketing campaign or simply a marketing campaign to make them known. In the world of books, it is very easy to find examples: it is more than likely that a sublime novel is for sale in a bookstore, which would deserve to sell thousands of copies, and that possibly no one is buying. Surely no one has done a marketing campaign, hoping that its quality was sufficient to sell it.

And while many very good products languish, consumers are buying many things that are not so good but that have been known to sell better. This is what candidates for different jobs sometimes feel when they see someone less qualified and prepared than they take on a job they wanted: that person has simply been able to sell themselves better than they. A brilliant marketing strategy can even create needs that we did not have, as with antibacterial products and hand gels (which have managed to exploit a fear and create a need out of nothing) and so many other things that we buy even though we don’t really need.

Why is a good marketing campaign essential?
A good marketing strategy makes consumers know details of the products and convince them that these characteristics are what will make the product in question become what they really need. As one Inc expert points out, part of Microsoft’s success and the fact that it beat Apple in the race for personal computers in the early 1990s is in its marketing campaign and the strategy it followed. Steve Ballmer was, we are told, a marketing genius and made things seem easy and straightforward to consumers. He knew, in short, to sell the product to them.

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