Interpublic Group of Companies will suspend operations in Russia due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, CEO Philippe Krakowsky said in a note to staff that was shared on LinkedIn. It has about 200 employees in Russia, some of whom have worked for the group for decades. Krakowsky said that the agency has grappled with. How not to abandon its people in russia. But that escalating .Conflict — including russia’s attacks on civilian targets like .Hospitals — has pushed it toward stricter action. Greece phone number ipg has been planning for .This contingency since the crisis started two weeks ago .And allocated enough capital to keep paying russian employees for .A minimum of six months.. Next steps include ceding control of management and operations to. Local leadership teams to create an easy handoff for .Non-russian clients continuing to work in the country.

Ipg Joins Other Agencies Greece Phone Number

in making tough choices around condemning Russia’s aggression while safeguarding talent embroiled in the conflict. content image Access now➔ Image attribution tooltipTRENDLINE The state of small business in retail Dive Insight: IPG’s decision to halt activity in Russia — a hard-line route leadership says it was hoping to avoid — suggests the dominoes are starting to fall among major ad holding groups with business in the country. Greece Phone Number CEO Krakowsky emphasized the agency didn’t want to leave staff behind and affirmed that employees will have short-term financial support amid the broader pullback. The executive framed the move as more of a “difficult moral dilemma” for his team than a business decision.

He Also Appeared to Take Greece Phone Number

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Shots at firms that took more immediate .Action in the early days of the conflict. Which has now stretched on for weeks. “once the war began, some individuals and companies were. Quick to suggest they had all the answers. Sadly. Greece phone number there are no answers to this crisis that are either easy or .Absolute — every organization will need to determine the unique path that’s best for them.” krakowsky wrote in the memo to staff. “the reality is that we are in the early stages of a historic. Moment which we will all be processing and coming to grips .With for years to come.” wpp, which has a far more extensive russian business with about. 1,400 employees, announced intentions to wind down .Operations a week after the initial invasion of ukraine. Last week.

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