A couple of days ago, the creator of the punto foundation contacted me . A non-profit entity that, from the united states and chile, wants to educate parents so that. With reliable New Caledonia B2B List information, they alert their children about the dangers in the network. Normally we talk about children, but young people and. Even adults can find ourselves involved in problems due to the mishandling of social networks and .The excessive confidence that gives us to believe that the one on the other side is who they say they are. Known is the story of amanda todd . A canadian girl who suffered from bullying and sexual harassment .

On the Network and Who Ended Up Committing Suicide in

New Caledonia B2B List october last year. Like hers, there are many situations that. Although they do not end with a death, can ruin the life of a young person. That is why it is important for adults to be alert, to take care of what they and. We publish on social networks New Caledonia B2B List and remember. That everything that is written on the internet remains there and is absolutely public . And the above also applies to “Supposedly private” spaces, such as messages on facebook. Do you remember that very recently an information appeared indicating that many “inboxes” had become public. Due to an error? Imagine the bad time for those. Who were “Discovering” the boss or a client or for those who shared an intimate situation that was later exposed. Both in the private and public spheres, and especially in digital marketing .

It Is Necessary to Take Care of What Is Written and Keep

New Caledonia B2B List

New Caledonia B2B List a distance from those who are. On the other side of the screen, and although we have often talked about the importance of being close to customers. We basically refer to the form, with respect to treatment and cordiality. But on the other hand.Even if you are not handling confidential information.Overconfidence will always be dangerous. Because in reality you do not know who your interlocutor really is. In the face of new technologies and the changes that arise from them. It is essential that we are vigilant, that we learn to protect ourselves and our families in order to safely enjoy their benefits. A fact that not everyone knows. On facebook, the spam messages that appear in “Others” are originated, on many occasions. By characters who want to establish contacts “To meet people”, with extremely flattering language.

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