This year, as in the last three or four. It looks like social media will be one of the main resources for digital marketing and. For many specialists, instagram will be the spearhead. Just look at the investment projections for this year. Which indicate that it will be more than 311 billion dollars . Of which social media advertising will be the second category in which companies will allocate. The most resources with an estimated amount of 92 $1.931 billion . According to projected data from statista.

This Demonstrates How Social Platforms Are Taking

On an increasingly important role. Highlighting that instagram is unlike most other applications. One that maintains sustained growth . It already exceeds a billion users and even more.It has become Bahrain WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists a space in which influencers and celebrities have a lot of interaction with their followers. If we see it with some comparison. It is taking the place of facebook as the most attractive for users and competes with twitter in which the people of influence have more activity. An example of this is that each image published on instagram receives an average of 23 percent more engagement . Than on facebook, according to data from smart insights. Not everything is so good so far, everything looks great for the photos and videos app. But it is not risk-free. In fact, now he had to go out and tackle one of them.

Last Year, Some Rumors Circulated on Instagram

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That the social network altered its algorithm, which had the effect of limiting the organic reach of user publications -although the change happened since 2016-. For months the application was silent, until this week when it gave a public response to the controversy to ensure that it does not reduce its publications to only 7 percent of its followers. And, beyond the curious fact that instagram used twitter and not its own application, instagram explained that what actually happens is that it curates the content of each user’s feed, and this is done based on their own usage habits. Of the network. It uses what it calls “feed ranking,” so it appears at the top “depends on the posts and accounts” that users engage with the most.

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