Influencer marketing has recently entered the list of ways that brands reach consumers. The internet boom and the success of social networks have allowed certain user profiles, usually users who are experts in a field or who have quickly mastered how the social environment worked and managed to connect with their followers, create a strong base of followers and powerful and connect with other users. Their opinions are also especially valued, because these influencers are seen as ‘those who know’ and therefore those who have especially valuable opinions.

And this boom in influencers and this growing success of these profiles have made them increasingly used by brands and more taken into account by Brazil WhatsApp Number List  companies in their marketing campaigns. Different studies have shown in recent times that these types of figures and their opinions are much more convincing for consumers than traditional advertising formats.

Their presence in brand campaigns is increasingly common: 75% of brands confessed in a recent study that they were already using influencers, in one way or another, in their campaigns. The numbers are also increasing. The forecasts were then that in the immediate future the number of firms using these figures would rise to 84%.

But the growing role of influencers can not only be seen in the number of companies that already use them to reach them, but there are many other elements that allow us to understand that influencer marketing is evolving and is heading towards a certain maturity. Is it the beginning of the maturity of this marketing format? Is it the beginning of the time when you will stop seeing yourself as a singular thing and settle within the usual and what to do and expect?

“The influence has changed,” explained Rob Norman, GroupM’s chief digital officer, at an event during CES in Las Vegas, as Warc reports. “New voices are needed for the digital generation. The ups and downs of celebrities are much faster now and brands need to capture that flow and exploit the micro audience segments,” he pointed out.

The concept of influencer has been modified in the internet age and has possibly changed forever. It is not only that the traditional celebrities have seen their reign and their moment of glory have a more accelerated life cycle than ever and that it changes in a much faster way than a few decades ago, but also the format itself has been modified. The weight of influence, who has influence, has also changed and now reaches many characters that were not traditional.

The professionalization of the influencer .Although undoubtedly the clearest sign that the use of influencers has become something ‘serious’ is in the fact that companies have professionalized access to them and have given them a broader role in their strategy. As they point out in the Warc analysis, it is no longer simply an element that helps in PR campaigns. Now, influencers have become their own channel by importance and weight and one to which brands are dedicating more and more budget and in which they are relying more and more to reach the youngest segments of the audiences.

Agencies and intermediaries are

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