Photo of a cameraman at work. Animations are provided South Africa Phone Number List with a transcript. That is a written text about the animation that you can read on the site. A point of attention is that this text must be given a separate place on the page, which may be necessary for South Africa Phone Number List larger animations. The alternative is a so-called alt text. This is alternative text that can be added to images, links, and files on a web page. Note: often you can only use one or a few words. This option therefore has limitations. 3. Sufficient contrast with images Many visitors to your site have some form of color blindness. Not everyone realizes this. Sufficient color contrast is important to prevent the meaning of images and possibly texts in images from being lost.

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The chosen material therefore has the right choice of South Africa Phone Number List color (house style), sufficient contrast (light/dark) and is provided with alt texts. For example, avoid white or yellow letters against a light background. And avoid the combination of green and red. Photo of glasses. You may continue to use text in images. In the alt text you indicate what the image South Africa Phone Number List represents. If the image has a link, it must be clearly described. Please note: ideally important information is not shared in a picture but in plain text. This is also better for, for example, supporting software for the blind and also for findability via search engines. Several tools are available to check whether colors have sufficient contrast, for example Contrast Ratio and WAVE .

South Africa Phone Number List

Add description to hyperlinks Each hyperlink must be given South Africa Phone Number List a description. A blind person can hear with reading software what it says and where the link refers to. For example, the link name is unclear. An example of a more clear link name: ‘Explanation of student transport fees 2020’. Hyperlinks may no longer be opened in a new window (tab). It is important South Africa Phone Number List that the visitor stays on the page. This applies to links to both internal and external websites. Someone with a visual impairment may otherwise lose the overview, so that the message does not get through. Also read: Digital Government Act: why accessibility is also relevant for you

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