To the list of terms that every marketer has to incorporate into their vocabulary – and into their business strategy – has been added, in recent times, inbound marketing, also known as attraction marketing. ¿Why is it so important? Basically it is a mixture of non-intrusive actions or strategies (content marketing, social media, …) to attract consumers and to create much stronger relationships with them. The contents serve as a hook and capture with their quality, social networks are dissemination elements that convey the company’s message and SEO works as a key to position messages in the complex world of the Internet.

Although the term is recent – and seeing the strategy as a whole is also it – the truth is that there have already been quite a few companies that in recent times have been betting on the idea or have become interested in it. A few months ago, a study indicated that 20% of the general marketing budget of companies already went to these areas where inbound marketing has its strengths. Another study, slightly later than this one and prepared by ICEMD-ESIC and InboundCycle, indicated that 50% of companies in Latin America and Spain already see these techniques as the way to reach consumers.

Studies not only show that companies are increasingly interested in the idea, but they are also viewing these tools and formulas as a much more efficient way to reach consumers. In a world in which buyers are increasingly Denmark WhatsApp Number List  fed up with receiving traditional advertising impacts and are increasingly proactive in blocking ads – as evidenced by the recent success of adblocking systems – these strategies are not only able to achieve to the consumer but also to do it in a way that they like and that generates a positive impact on them.

“Betting on Inbound Marketing means saying goodbye to annoying strategies and hello to the commitment to attract your audience,” they explain from the inbound marketing agency Marketing Paradise, one of the firms specializing in this emerging trend. “This strategy of giving the user what he needs is more profitable, and more and more companies have realized it,” they add.

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