In the digital field, it is very important to know how to distinguish when to renew a website or an application. Listed below are different bad reasons to do a web redesign. 1. When the boss or the client wants the redesign. Probably this reason occurs when the boss or the client thinks that the design and its performance is current and it is the easiest solution instead of working on the bugs and fixing them, such as the technical part of downloading.

Implement Some Strategy. It Is About Adding Only Strategy

to the content, it is not about a complete redesign. 3. Follow trends. Although trends are sri lanka mobile number database  important, these should not be an indicator of a complete change, much less because they are usually temporary. 4. Traffic. The decision on one or another digital design is usually attributed to traffic, surely there are other marketing actions that can be applied before thinking about redesigning a website5. Bounce rate.

Nor Is the Bounce Rate of a Website a Reason to Renew

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a design, there are other things to think about and to try before. 6. Because the competition renewed its image. There is no need to react as long as the competition implements a strategy. Doesn’t mean you don’t have to watch what they do7. Dissatisfied user. If a user complains that is not a reason for renewal, it is better to use measurement resources before making decisions of this nature.

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