Taking advantage of the proximity of the municipal and regional elections in our country and after starting the electoral campaign, it is undoubtedly interesting to reflect on a very current issue, the personal brand of politicians and communication as a tool for their election. In this sense, we could comment on certain things that may be of great interest to the candidates, although not only for them, but also for the people who, after all, have to reflect and make decisions to choose them.

In the first place, comment that within political marketing there are many analogies with traditional marketing, so that premises that work with the latter, in many cases also work within political marketing. It is no less true that in these Nepal WhatsApp Number List  local and regional elections, the figure of the person who appears has a greater impact on the voting decision (purchase decision in marketing terms), than the company’s own brand, in this case the party for which it is presented. So much so that on many occasions many mayors decide if not to do without the acronyms, if at least minimize their presence in written media and I do not tell you anything when they speak as they “forget” the party for which they are presented. This strategy used by many candidates seems to me to be a disguised deception for the electorate, because although the person is voted, it is the party in which on many occasions it imposes the policies to be developed, the values ​​to be followed, the behaviors to be carried out. , the arguments to be communicated, so it would be more honest to assume and make the party for which they are presented more visible and not try to disassociate themselves from it, with the consequent “confusion” for the people who must elect mayor / sa or president / community. In these elections, votes are given above all to the person who present themselves and secondly to the party they represent, but this does not allow to ignore, forget, that each candidate is due to their reference brand and therefore, they must apply what the party considers it appropriate and with this type of action, to remove or hide the party I take it as a “subliminal lie” on the part of the candidates who act this way or on the part of the parties that encourage this strategy.

It is perhaps for this reason that the political marketing that is done in this type of local calls, focuses much more on the personalist figure and attempts are made to reinforce, enhance or create the candidate’s personal brand image. For this, in many cases, communication offices are made available to many candidates that seek in too many cases and in a short time, to create a personal brand that is attractive to the electorate, to create the desire for whoever appears. This can sometimes be done, other times it is impossible. Let me explain, it is likely that in large cities, where candidates are less well known or at least go unnoticed by the vast majority of citizens, the ability to communicate in terms of creating, shaping or enhancing a brand image is more possible in less time, in small towns, it is an attempt that can even go against the interests of the candidate himself! The logic is overwhelming, you can make up, enhance or reform what is not known, that has not created previous impressions, but not that in 15 days they try to change the impressions and prejudices that the electorate has. Sometimes this is taken as an attempt at manipulation that negatively reverses the candidacy.

I value very positively the efforts of how the parties unify electoral formats, in posters, advertising, image, etc … which is not bad to unify the power of the party’s brand, that is, for the corporate image, however, that unification It also has an impact when it comes to achieving a differentiation with many candidates, especially as I tell you in reduced populations and of course, I party with certain obstacles, this is a wrong strategy since it will not give the desired results, since the image is imposed corporate (damaged to the electorate) on the possible attractiveness of the candidate. For this reason, perhaps standardizing excessively in terms of forms, forms or messages, is not a good strategy to obtain votes, since the competitive advantages of the candidate can be hidden behind the image of the party. I think that therefore it is not effective to remove the party’s initials from everything related to the candidate, or to standardize excessively until the image of the party is swallowed up by that of the candidate.

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