The study outlined the following key motivations for people to share: To define ourselves to others To bring valuable and entertaining content to others To grow and nourish relationships To get the word out about causes and brands we care about. Another study involving the NY Times found that creating emotive content could lead to increased sharing. Content is more likely to be shar if it is funny, moving, illuminating, inspiring, shocking, cute, controversial or sexy, or if it leaves the user feeling fearful or in awe. 

The Journal of Science publish a study on the psychology of sharing. In 2011 which support the above study on emotions by saying. “The sharing of stories or information. May be driven in part by arousal. When people are physiologically arous, whether due to emotional stimuli or otherwise, the autonomic nervous is activat, which then boosts social transmission.” What do the studies mean for those looking to create shareable content? Simply this – stories are an effective way of conveying emotive know they can benefit from Emails to influencers on the day of launch Promotion of an announcement article, 

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The studies also mean that there is a science to creating shareable content. No, it’s not an exact science, but, by following certain guidelines, you dramatically increase your chances of getting your content shar by playing to the wants, nes and psychology of Latvia phone number your audience. Social media is often us to point to longer form content, which can include stories; however, a story in this context could be a photo, vine or video clip. Here are 6 guidelines to help increase the chances of your content being shar.    New York Times articles that had been shared and found that positive news was more likely to go viral.

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Appeal to your audience’s motivation to connect with each other (not just with your brand). Tell a story. Credibility needs to be established, as does trust, which is the cost of getting shares. Keep the message simple. Appeal to positive emotions like inspiration, illumination or amusement to build a positive brand connection. Embed a sense of urgency. Here are 10 ways to create contagious content. 1.  Leverage social validation We all have a strong desire for approval. The Power of Likes study found that social media users were more likely to up-vote a pre-liked comment.

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 Author Robert Cialdini conducted a study in which researchers participating in door-to-door charity campaigns found that people were more likely to donate when the list of prior donors was longer. In addition, when the list included people that the prospect knew – such as friends and neighbours – they were even more likely to donate. How to do it online Social Media Examiner has sharing buttons with share counts clearly visible in a vertical floating bar for each of their posts. 10 Ways To Create Shareable Content Conversion Rate Experts helped South American flower delivery company daFlores nearly double their revenue. They discovered that some visitors to the website had never heard of the company before.

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