According to maximize social business . This social platform is the ideal place to post photos and videos for fun. And although it is sometimes difficult to find inspiration every day. Thus, the content you publish should be tracked and the metrics as well as. The correct results should be seen, and this depends on your strategy. For this reason, below we will present you how to measure your commitment. Brand recognition, traffic or mentions on instagram. Commitment one of the most important metrics for a social media manager to consider is engagement. If you don’t get enough engagement on your instagram posts.

They Don’t Think More Natively Per Platform and Don’t Understand

You don’t have an instagram account. 3, have a very long description of the ad. First of all, the most important thing in engagement is to find out how many people Ecuador WhatsApp Numbers connect with you on the social network. It means that you need to see how many followers leave comments on your posts. For example, if you want to test and see how many of them are actually following your instagram photos and videos, ask something in your description. You need to let them know that you’re interested in their opinion, and in this case, to see how many of them engage with your content. Another factor to consider in measuring engagement is your direct messages.

Awareness Brand Recognition or Simply Recognition,

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Awareness brand recognition or simply . But this is one of the metrics that you should see if you are doing a good job on the platform. The most popular being the number of followers. There are many brands that use this indicator in their social media strategy. And that is good, but it is not the only point that we must take into account to measure brand awareness. The second most important metric is the likes of a post. However, if someone likes a post. It does not mean that they are really engaged with you. The “like” button on social media is just a simple factor to measure your brand awareness. At first the metric was something promoted by facebook . Nowadays we can see that reactions are another factor you want to analyze.

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