Buenos aires, argentina naranja. The largest issuer  in terms of volume of credit cards in the country. Sealed a paradigmatic agreement with google . Argentina to promote online advertising tools among small and medium. Sized businesses that are attached to the card. It is a strategic alliance that promises great benefits. To contribute to the growth of the country’s small and medium-sized business sector.

Tarjeta Naranja Is Already Bringing Exclusive Benefits to

Its 170,000 affiliated businesses so that. They can access the google adwords online advertising solutions package . The idea is to start expanding and boosting. Their businesses  Lithuania B2B List commerce and electronic advertising. “thanks to this alliance between tarjeta naranja and google, companies will be able to start promoting. Their products and services in sponsored search results.

In Addition, It Will Include Exclusive Benefits Such

Lithuania B2B List

As training and advice on online marketing to the thousands of businesses. Attached to tarjeta naranja that will join this proposal”. They indicated from the company. Since most small businesses can’t (or don’t know) about accessing these online tools. The agreement is intended to connect local businesses with a consumer. Who is increasingly turning to the internet to research and make a purchase.

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