There are at least three big companies that make smartphones. A great business model, although the landscape is changing. Huawei, the technology manufacturer based in shenzhen, increases its revenue every year. And it’s all due to the exponential sale of their smartphones . If there is a market where competition does not stop. It is precisely in the mobile device sector. Outperforming established brands in the industry such as apple. Huawei has carved out a place for itself on the podium of the world’s top three smartphone marketers.

This Is Due to Different Reasons: Market Saturation,

Rising prices, replacement rates longer. Subsidies in the mobile phone network and, above all. The lack of innovation in technological and design features. Huawei, for market leadership as shown by statista , for the first time. In the second quarter of 2018, huawei’s smartphone canadian phone number database sales exceeded apple’s, occupying a 15.8 percent global market share. Compared to 12.1 percent obtained by the cupertino technology company. According to the apple report. It was announced that. The income from the sale of the iphone has decreased from october to december 2018. At least 15 percent compared to the same period in 2017. To this is added the fact that as of the third quarter of 2018. Huawei obtained 14.6 percent of the market. Compared to 13.2 percent for the us manufacturer, according to the latest idc data.

This Means That for the First Time, in 2018, Huawei Overtook

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Apple to become the second largest smartphone vendor in the world. Therefore, it is also presented as the first time that a competitor manages to divide the two main smartphone marketers . Commercial circumstances: everything fell into place for. Huawei several analysts indicate that huawei’s rise in market share came as the slowdown in china subsided. And as the world’s largest smartphone market, it boosted market share in europe. On the other hand. It should be noted that huawei failed in its launch attempts in the united states. Instead, locally, apple relies 20 percent of its revenue on china. So it still has some unfinished business to resolve. Despite the well-known weakening of revenue by apple in the second quarter of the year. Huawei’s significant increase is still confirmed.

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