So, they replaced the rotating banner with a static image. That read “¡GRACIAS a nuestros mas de 600,000 seguidores en Facebook!” (“Thanks to our 600,000+ Facebook fans.”). The result was a 44% increase in sales simply by adding social media proof of the firm’s popularity. 10 ways to create shareable content 2 2. Use good news Consider the following studies: Author Jonah Berger. Examined around 7,000 New York Times articles. Which had been shared, and found that positive news was more likely. To go viral. A study by BuzzSumo also found that the most common. Emotions invoked by articles that were shared were awe, laughter and amusement. 

A study by Ipsos showed that 61% of people shared interesting things, 43% of people shared funny things and 29% of people shared unique content. How to do it online Buzzfeed and Upworthy are masters at creating reactive content. Content that triggers positive high arousal emotions, along with headlines that evoke curiosity and awe, is more likely to be shared. Consider headlines like: A House Was Transformed Into A Tim Hortons And It May Be The Cutest And Most Canadian Thing Ever 15 Of The Most Empowering Things Emma Watson Has Ever Said 32 Amazing Things You Can Do While Pregnant In 1992,

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A Little Girl Stunned People From Around The World By Repeating ‘I Am Only A Child’ He Saw Things No One Else Would For Another 50 Years. Who Would Believe Him? 3. Aesthetics matters, so spend time on it According to Jakob Nielsen, 16% of users read web copy word for word, while 79% read by scanning a page and picking out individual Kuwait phone number words and sentences. Design and look matter even when it comes to written content. Organizing content in a way that is easily scannable and has a clear eye path will increase engagement. Using subheaders, breaking up blocks of text, and picking an easily readable font will all help readers engage with your content. 

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How to do it online Apple are masters of delivering pleasing aesthetics on the web, as well as in their print ads. Here are a few guidelines they follow: Use a headline with a large font to highlight one big idea. Use sub-headlines before each paragraph, or at the very least after 2-3 paragraphs, to keep scanners curious and engaged. Use the inverted pyramid structure in writing your content. Essentially, this structure entails starting with your most important point and then following on with less important points. The least important points come last.

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This way, those who scan the content will be able to pick up on the key points quickly. Use bullet points that fascinate and intrigue your audience 4. React fast Oreo’s tweet and Facebook post during the Super Bowl blackout generated a huge amount of buzz, mainly because they were subtle and timely. They reacted to an unexpected event and, in doing so, created a powerful ad on the most expensive advertising day of the year. How to do it online Being able to react to the moment is now possible for even the smallest businesses, thanks to smartphones and their cameras.

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