Although we have already mentioned on several occasions that . The growth of followers is a vanity metric and that more attention should be paid to others. Such as engagement metrics. It should not be completely lost sight of within the network statistics. The increase in followers or the decrease in them can be a good indicator of how well .Your social media strategy is working, a constant increase in followers/fans generally means . That people find your account and that they like what you do. That they see. Which is undoubtedly positive, but also, it can mean that you obtained a mention of an important. Brand that is generating a flow of traffic to your accounts.

Reach and Impressions Within the Statistics of Social Networks,

The section of reach and impressions is the one that determines. How far the content that is shared is reaching. To know how to take advantage of them, it is first uae email list necessary to know the difference between . The two. Reach refers to the number of unique people who saw one of your content or social posts. While impressions is the number of times your content was shown to people, regardless of whether they saw. It more than once. Unfortunately, all social networks define these concepts differently to make . Things more confusing (possibly not intentionally) even when it comes to campaigns with paid ads. Leaving aside these clarifications.

The Important Thing to Understand With These 2 Metrics Is That High

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Reach and impressions mean your content is moving. Which can help you drive future strategic decisions. To maximize the impact of the brand under these criteria, consider using them to identify . New content ideas, take as a reference the periods of time where peaks in reach or impressions are seen and verify. Which pieces are presenting the best results. Engagement and mentions. The section of engagement and mentions within the statistics of social . Networks is one that you should definitely monitor.

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