Suriname B2B List the group has made massive presentations in santiago, valparaíso, chiloé. And arica and expansion projects include countries in latin america and europe. It is about bringing together so many passionate people who, together. Form a single ensemble and can integrate and interpret the sounds of the world. A great initiative that continues to be promoted through its facebook and youtube, with several videos of the latest performances. Plus contributions from the attendees who, little by little, get to know this attractive musical world and are surprised. One afternoon, during the last performance in valparaíso.

Making Music in Latin America Has Always Been Easy

The group performed a flash mob that hypnotized passers-by in the city and was presented last night. Live off it, not so much. Despite this Suriname B2B List and as a defiance of conventions. Every year more people make the decision to dedicate. Their lives to what they love with passion. Fortunately, the internet and social networks in particular. Allow artists to spread their work without having to wait for a record company to record. It or for a radio or tv channel to broadcast it. But how to stand out among so many videos? Recording a flashmob can be a great idea, especially for “Other music”. And what is the ‘other’ music? Only one way of labeling the current trend. Because it has a lot to contribute in terms of content and development.

Them With Current Trends, Fusion Folk Music

Suriname B2B List

Suriname B2B List  That music requires another form of delivery. Another form of marketing and for this, a flash mob is ideal. The transatlantic ensemble of chilean folk was  formed in 2012 . And arose from the concern of musician ernesto calderón (in the photo). Who after spending a season in europe attending many root music workshops, thought. It would be good to put together a passionate group for the search of sounds. He summoned a few and many came. Today, the ensemble has around 60 musicians among its ranks. Including chileans and foreigners. How have they become known?

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