According to our latest report on the state of influencer marketing 2020 , 94% of respondents believe that influencer Turkey Phone Number List marketing is extremely effective in driving a brand’s sales . Being able to touch physical products and try them, to “experience” the brand at 360 °, provides influencers with a unique experience that they will share and promote with their audience. Furthermore, as a result of the expansion of western brands into new markets such as china, new ways of effectively promoting products are emerging, such as the live-sell tactic, which can lead to millions of sales in seconds. For all these reasons, a correct strategy for managing your samples through a constantly updated product inventory is extremely important. However, Turkey Phone Number List we live in the era of ‘ see now, buy now ‘, of selective information and the rift between physical and digital.

People Are Becoming More Selective With the Information

They Turkey Phone Number List acquire; the gap between physical and digital is narrowing and consumers are placing. More and more attention on the values ​​that a brand communicates. That is why, in order to put product lending or gifting strategies in motion. Brands must Turkey Phone Number find the right balance in satisfying the needs of celebrities, vip contacts, digital influencers. Journalists or other opinion leaders, with whom they have to deal to do at every launch of a new campaign or collection. 23% of professionals use product loans or gifts to establish contact with influencers . But what are the advantages that we can draw from the use of physical and . Or digital samples in the product lending strategy or gifts to influencers? What is the difference between the two? What opportunities does one offer and what the other? Before continuing with the article.

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Turkey Phone Number List

Finding  the balance in a system that allows the management of the inventory of products both physically and digitally. It is what we call a “Phygital strategy”! As Turkey Phone Number List stated in our recent digital summit by fhcm executive president pascal morand . Brands have accelerated their digital processes at a much faster pace . Technological advances that previously would have taken 5-10 years have occurred in a matter of months. And brands have quickly adapted to new digital. Formats to respond to an evolving market that has temporarily stalled. This, ‘phi-gitalization’, is something we also see within the strategy of many luxury brands. A sector strongly linked to tradition, its origins and exclusivity. Which nevertheless seeks a way to approach. The famous ‘millennials’ or future consumers of luxury, through strategies that mix physical and digital.

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