Among the many options that a brand has to promote itself among consumers. Email marketing continues to be a very effective one, because . It is a channel that continues to grow, by 2022. Data shared by bitbounce estimates that there will be 4.1 billion of email users. And thanks to this growth, the activity experiences positive changes that today. Can be interpreted as trends. In that sense, adding a brand to the main email marketing trends can be highly effective in order to take advantage of the numbers that email presents today. If you are interested in adding your brand to them. Then we tell you what you can do. What are they and how can you leverage the main trends in email marketing? Personalization within the main trends of email marketing. Several experts highlight the personalization of emails.

To Implement This Trend From Now on, First Consider Seeding the Database

Adding tags this will help you send better targeted campaigns. So that the people who receive them execute the action you are expecting. On the other hand, to more effectively segment your contact lists. Consider leveraging data from sections such as the purchase and search free nigerian email database history of your consumers. In this way you will achieve more relevant messages. Automation thanks to the advancement of technology. Among the main trends in email marketing today. It is also possible to find automation, although this has its disadvantages for those who abuse. It is a tool of great value, especially in the field of email marketing.

Email Automation Allows You to Send the Right Messages at

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The right time, the technology has the ability to boost metrics such as conversion rate, it can also improve engagement between brands and consumers. With automation, any brand can easily send a series of messages in the right sequence to reach the audience when it’s most convenient. To leverage this trend, a brand can launch various actions, for example, create a series of automatic responses for new subscribers as well as for existing ones; you can also use automation to send reminders to your contacts to collect with those who haven’t opened messages in a certain period of time. Finally, to leverage automation, firms can create information exchange sequences.

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