Below we share a selection of all these wonderful articles. Be sure to Latvia Phone Number List check out the complete trend overview for more interesting topics. View our overview of the online trends of 2021 here ] The most important trends & developments Online digital marketing Content & Content Marketing social media The customer (and the citizen) comes first Good luck in 2020! Online Between now & 2030: these are the biggest digital changes The ‘mainstream internet’ is entering its third decade. Bart ter Steege (managing partner at Jungle Minds) therefore looks back on the changes brought about by digitization and the internet. And he also looks ahead to the next 10 years.


He foresees major digital changes in 7 sectors, including Latvia Phone Number List construction and sports industry. digital changes 2020 2030 10 online design trends From the screen to in your face, animation confetti from letter to mouse pointer! Online design is unpacking in 2020. Designers are brutally breaking the rules. All for a good cause: more beautiful and better. Désirée Battjes and Beau van Essen (Est Digital) show you which trends will influence what we see online. online design trends SEO in 2020: 8 trends to respond to The basis of search engine optimization does not change.

The World’s

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Optimizing for the user and answering the search question Latvia Phone Number List  as well as possible is central. Still, there are important trends to keep an eye on. For example, there is the Google update BERT that can have major consequences, there are new forms of structured data and local SEO is becoming increasingly important. E-commerce: delivery shame & dissent marketplaces More and more people suffer from ‘delivery shame’. Shame to pick up a package from the neighbors again and shame about the impact on the climate. Are pickup points the answer to this challenge? And what role do Google, large marketplaces and personalization for online stores play in 2020?

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