When Bill Gates made this proclamation back in 1996, the world wide web we know was in its infancy. Gates’s essay was filled with bold predictions. But one thing was already clear–the internet was ushering in .A new era of content creation. Iran phone number “anyone with a pc and a modem.” he wrote. “can publish whatever content they can create.” the deluge of content that followed has brought .Upheaval to the media industry. Two decades in the sheer volume of content has arguably .Put the spotlight back on high-quality original content–the kind .Of content that comes from newspapers.. Magazines, and many digital publications. Iran Phone Number But in spite of that, monetizing quality content has never been more challenging. If paid audiences are only shrinking,

The Short Answer Is Yes Iran Phone Number

And while there’s no silver bullet for building more monetizable audiences, the long answer starts with a combination of enhancing audience data and taking actions on that data to improve targeting and lift engagement. Iran Phone Number Here are three steps I’ve seen publishers taking to develop and monetize their audiences: 1. Understand Audience Interests and Behaviors Advertisers typically target on demographic or firmographic information, so those slices might always be the primary factor in Iran Phone Number a publisher’s segmentation and targeting. But, there’s so much more that can be gleane in a world of digital content consumption. When content is your product,

You’re Sitting on a Mountain Iran Phone Number

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Iran phone number

of behavioral data–the holy grail for audience engagement–whether you’re looking to lift content consumption or target offers. For example, Iran Phone Number  you may know that a reader is a part of a cohort that is female, between 18-35 years old, with a household income between $64-96K. Based on that knowledge, you can make some guesses about what might resonate with her. But what could you do–in terms of engagement–if you learn through her content consumption patterns that she’s interested in football,  responds to sponsor content from travel brands, and mostly responds to content that’s share on Facebook? How would that change the subsequent content, offers, and channels you target her with?

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