Celebrities have always been one of the most important assets for luxury brands. In our recent report “Marketing Reset: A Look at Data from the Watch and Albania Phone Number List Jewelry Industry” . We observed how Celebrity and Media Rumors saw the largest increase in value for the industry in 2020. Specifically , the percentage of celebrities . On the entire mix-Voices of the segment Albania Phone Number List increased by 38% compared to last year. In addition to a general overview of industry data and insights,.

Which You Can Consult in the Aforementioned Report,

In this article we wanted to focus our attention . On one of the most important brands of italian luxury jewelry, the bulgari brand . In the last two months (from 1st september to 31st october 2020). We have analyzed the media impact generated by some of the main Albania Phone Number testimonials . Including models, actors and singers – of the bulgari brand. For bulgari, voce celebrities contributed to generating a media impact value ™ of over 41 million € in the months of september (18% of the total miv®) and. October (14.9% of the total miv®). Below we deepen the value produced by the brand’s most recent. Collaborations with some of the most famous international celebrities such as.

Ester Expósito, Zendaya, Kris Wu, Jon Kortajarena

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Albania Phone Number List and Alice Pagani . Ester Expósito, the very young actress who became famous for playing Carla in the hit Netflix series Élite, is one of the latest discoveries of the Bulgari Family. One of her recent appearances as Bulgari’s brand ambassador was on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, where she wore a pair of the brand’s emerald earrings. The post of the event published on the actress’s Instagram channel recorded the highest MIV® of all Ester’s posts, reaching the value of € 1,257,805, and an engagement rate of 25.92% . The Expósito was then invited to the launch event of the latest Barcoo High Jeweler collection, held in Rome. Also on this occasion the actress obtained from a single post a MIV® of € 1,049,239 .

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