This is how Antonio Marano, president of Rai Pubblicità, defined the Italian singing festival in a press conference. And just like the Super Bowl, Sanremo also represents a relevant commercial opportunity for many brands. In Launchmetrics we have analyzed some of the. Italian brands of the fashion and luxury sector present at the Sanremo 2020 Festival , Morocco Phone Number List to provide insights related to the MIV ™ (Media Impact Value) . Generated in the hottest week of Italian February. The analysis concerns the overall evaluation of the brands protagonists of the Festival, looking at the data of MIV® (Media Impact Value ™) and therefore at the channels and the Voices of greater value, in particular for.

Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Versace and Gai Mattiolo.

Alessandro Michele gives voice to Achille Lauro Morocco Phone Number List . Gucci wins over the top It was really nice to work with Lauro, his and my team on this project because it is nice to work with free people, who fly high and who carry a strong message on important topics. Huffington Post, February 9, 2020 Alessandro Michele , creative director of the Gucci house , sums up the meaning of the Morocco Phone Number work done together with Achille Lauro in the 70th Festival of Italian song. A project, because that’s what we’re talking about, in which every look is linked to important stories and characters: St. Francis, the Marquise Casati-Stampa, David Bowie, Queen Elizabeth I Tudor . Not a simple non-conformism to be fed to the critics but a project, conceived thanks to the union of two decidedly over the top personalities.

This Is How Gucci Obtained a Total Miv® of € 7m, the Highest

Morocco Phone Number List

Among the brands analyzed, with a voice split that sees the celebrity voice in first place. Represented by achille lauro . The “Rock star” of the sanremo 2020 festival . With a total of only 16 posts on her social channels. Generated a miv® of around € 4m . The buzz generated Morocco Phone Number List by achille lauro’s looks gave gucci the “critics prize”. Because for better or for worse, the important thing is that we talk about it and to testify. It we find the data of the traditional media voice . Which, with an miv® of € 1.5m, it represents 22.6% of the total. It also deserves attention to observe the detail of the channels used. In the case of gucci, in fact, 74.9% of the registered social activities come from instagram. Which with only 46 total posts obtained the highest average miv® (113k €).

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