Influencers are positioned as the new great milestone that brands hope to captivate. These characters have proven to be great allies for brands in the task of connecting with target audiences.This has generated a market valued at billions of dollars. In this way, communication strategies based on influencers have opened a market. That is estimated to reach a value in networks such as instagram of 2.38 billion dollars during 2019. According to mediakix. The growth of discipline within advertisers’ investments is evident. However, we are talking about a field of action that still has many gaps to close.

This Complex Task Becomes Even More Complicated if We Consider

The phenomenon of the purchase of followers and likes by some influencers. Who in order to remain an option in the eyes of companies. Choose to pay to maintain Kuwait WhatsApp Number List their base of followers. At high levels. How much do fake influencers cost? We are talking about the false followers that already at this moment cost companies large amounts. According to a study by captiv8, fake influencer fraud costs more than 200 million. And the reality of the market in question. Where one of the clearest is identifying the right influencer based on the needs of the brands.

However Percent of All Those Influencer Accounts Have Been

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Found to be fake profiles, leading to over $200 million lost on campaigns that reach no audience. It is important to consider that influencer marketing actions are born. And developed in a scenario characterized by poorly identified products and services players. Regulated and with a lack of good practices in their implementation. A fact that consequently implies lower investment returns than expected.  Where one of the clearest is identifying the right influencer based on the needs of the brands.The time when they were complementary actions is past. The large investments that are allocated to this field of action prove it.

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