Nine out of ten Spaniards assure that things, material goods, do not bring happiness, but nevertheless they are convinced that they help a lot to achieve it. This was recently demonstrated by a study by Vente-Privée on the International Day of Happiness. Buying therefore helps to be happier and when you are happier you buy more. And, beyond what it implies in shopping matters and beyond everything that is spent thanks to happiness, this emotion has become a kind of contemporary obsession, a kind of mandatory element that we all have to pursue. The magazine articles say it, even the doctors say it when they recommend that you lead a healthy and happy life and they say it even the cups in which you drink your morning coffee. We all want (and have) to be happy.

This obsession with happiness has generated many things. To begin with (although this is the final conclusion and the element in which all this ended) some consumers and some analysts are already beginning to claim the right to be sad and the right to simply not be all day as if they were the protagonists of an idyllic image from the 50s. The world is not in pastel colors and not everything that happens (and not everything one should hope for) is worth uploading to Pinterest or Instagram. At the end of the day, and although it may seem surprising, they already said it in a football news a few years ago: “everyone has the right to be sad, even if you are Cristiano Ronaldo.” “In today’s world it is quite common to deny sadness,” Gestalt psychotherapist Lola Sánchez Lebrato explained to SModa in an article on the importance of sadness, “our culture of well-being denies everything that has to do with pain.” In today’s society, being sad is almost forbidden.

But, beyond what can Peru Phone Number List happen with sadness and with the vindication of it (and you don’t have to be a nineteenth-century romantic for that), happiness and the obsession with achieving it have had other impacts and other consequences. Continuing with it and its ramifications, happiness has become a rising value in the world of business and brand building. If happiness is what everyone is looking for, brands will do nothing but give it to them.

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