Lately, there is no newscast or front page of a newspaper that does not open its edition with a cover on the Volkswagen Case. And it is not for less, since we are not talking about a failure that has escaped technological control or that is the product of human error. We are facing a serious scam made conscientiously, for the benefit of a company and to the detriment of the environment.

Along with German products, the word “reliability” comes to mind. It is logical, because it is a country that has worked hard on that virtue, until it is a quality that joins its country brand. Not surprisingly, how much we think about the automotive sector, very strong in Germany since it accounts for 20% of its manufacturing industry, and they ask us to give the World Top 10 of car brands, surely at least three are German and we would highlight of them its “reliability”.

Therefore, it is not surprising that after the Volkswagen scandal, the German Government were among the first to ask the company for explanations, opening an investigation in this regard, and urging the company to provide a solution to the problem within ten days. Not only the prestige of Volkswagen is in question, but that of the German automotive industry, which is the economic engine of the entire country. The Germany Brand, like any country brand, has cost a lot to create and from the state authorities they will do everything necessary, so that their economy suffers as little as possible from the controversy.

Not many years ago there was another scandal in the automobile industry. In this case, it affected Toyota. In 2009, some models of the Japanese company came onto the market with anomalies, specifically a fault in the accelerator, which forced the company to call millions of vehicles around the world for review. What began as a rumor that affected the good name of the company, culminated in scandal when it was learned that four people had died due to that technical failure. The controversial case meant that Toyota lost 2,000 million euros, a precipitous drop in its shares, and its prestige as a company.

Today, Toyota has recovered from both the economic hit and the loss of prestige. And what has produced that recovery? Well, mainly three actions: Economic Appearance Toyota did not skimp financially. For example, the relatives of the people who died in the accident were compensated with 10 million dollars, a figure much higher than those that are usually given for Colombia WhatsApp Number List  death in a traffic accident.
Technological Aspect All affected cars were reviewed and the problem was corrected.
Human Aspect The president of the company worldwide, Akio Toyoda, came out to publicly apologize.
How is Volkswagen acting? At the moment, it is still too early to judge but to date:

Economic Aspect Surely, the company will not be able to prevent obstacles in this regard and will face the millionaire demands that lie ahead.
Technological Aspect It is expected that Volkswagen will call millions of cars to review to correct those affected vehicles. Although technology is at the core of all the controversy, this is the least of its problems.
In the Toyota Case, it affected the integrity of the passengers, something essential. Security matters in all countries equally, if not at the regulatory level, then in company image. However, in the Volkswagen Case we are talking about regulations of different countries on the emission of CO2 from vehicles, which may be more or less restrictive, for example, depending on whether it is in the United States or in the European Union. Even so, it is not so much a technological problem of CO2 emission, although very important, as the deception perpetrated by the company with the tampering of the inserted software, to pass the controls.

In the Toyota Case, we cannot assume that they acted in bad faith. In the case of Volkswagen, yes. It will take more than technical repairs to clear its name.

Human Aspect We have begun to see the first steps that the company has taken and that surely will not be the last.

Unlike the president of Toyota who publicly apologized, being aware or not of the failure of his cars but recognizing himself as the ultimate responsible, the president of Volkswagen, Martin Winterkorn, has resigned, has apologized, well done, but has indicated that it was not aware of the fraud. Badly done, since he has exempted himself of responsibility.

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