Chinese consumers are estimated to Thailand Phone Number List account for around half of global spending on high-end brands in 2020 (up 37% from last year). Currently, with over 30,000 international fashion, luxury and beauty brands selling in China through e-commerce flagship stores or cross-border stores , there is a high level of openness for businesses to Asian markets, and particularly China. According to statistics, we have seen a boom in the Chinese market, which the pandemic has slowed slightly compared to other Western economies . This trend has materialized in the strategies of brands such as Fendi or Gucci.

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An Thailand Phone Number List opening towards asian markets. This phenomenon has already been analyzed earlier this year. In our data brief dedicated to the chinese new year 2020 . Opening-asian-markets source: statesman with the aim of continuing. To look to the future of the industry, launchmetrics announced this week the acquisition of parklu . The leading influencer Thailand Phone Number measurement platform in china . By strengthening its brand performance cloud, launchmetrics will extend the company’s media impact value ™. Algorithm to establish a comprehensive metric that compares the brand’s initiatives from east to west. Launchmetrics will extend the company’s media impact value ™ algorithm from east to west.

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Thailand Phone Number List

Thailand Phone Number List Brand Performance Cloud,” said Michael Jais, CEO of Launchmetrics. “In today’s climate, brands are trying to understand how to be more efficient and maximize their ROI . This acquisition will make us the only player capable of measuring cross-voice performance by providing the sector with a consistent metric to better understand performance in China and beyond. ” opening Thailand Phone Number List of Asian markets PARKLU is the leading influencer analytics platform in China. Like Launchmetrics, PARKLU specializes in the FLB industry and monitors more than 100,000 influencers – known locally as Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) – across all major Chinese social media platforms, including WeChat, Douyin (TikTok), Weibo, RED , Bilibili and others.


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