A series of activities and promotions is Solomon Islands B2B List being carried out by. Heineken around the world, as a result of its connection with the champions league. In our country it has already presented its limited edition for the occasion, of cans and bottles. Which include pins with images of the champions league. Like every year, one of the company’s most important promotions is already underway. The invitation to a group of fans to see the final of the european cup in a particularly striking and different place. On this occasion, ibiza is the place chosen to receive. The winners of the draw and the prospect of seeing the final on .

The Island of Celebration” Is More Than Motivating

Solomon Islands B2B List “If you want to participate, you must become a fan of their facebook page. In the ibiza final section , play a good game of pinball which will give you a score to enter your data into a form and with it filled out. You will have the chance to start Solomon Islands B2B List dreaming with your trip to the balearic islands. Now, if you’re such a fan of the league’s teams that you can predict how the numbers will turn out as the games unfold. Beer also invites you to compete with other players via the star player app . If you get it right, you will gain positions and surpass the other participants.

You Can Download the App for Ipad and Iphone From the Website

Solomon Islands B2B List

You can also download it for apple through the app store. Beyond promotion heineken remains one of the brands that has gained. Its leadership through interaction with people. Not long ago we published the great public contracting project. The candidate – Solomon Islands B2B List that the company recorded and distributed through social networks with an interesting viral result. Likewise, at the end of last year, the company held a global contest in which. It was invited to re-design the image of what would be the special edition for this champions league. Undoubtedly the advertising agency and the company have jointly found an excellent strategy . That is reinforced from time to time and continues to give excellent results.

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