For netflix , platforms like hbo or amazon prime are no longer their competition. This was the conclusion reached by the company and shared yesterday . At the results presentation event for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2018. The streaming platform identifies the famous video game . Fortnite as the next great rival to beat to improve its numbers in terms of subscribers which. According to the report presented, can be read with light-dark. With more subscribers. But slow growth according to the company, between october and december of last year it added 8.8 million. New paying subscribers globally, with which it managed to increase its user base to 139 million.

It Was Slightly Below Its Own Projection of 8.9 Million , Although

Above those of the specialists who they expected 8.5 million. Improving these figures is not what the los gatos california company is really Canada WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists worried about. Although the number of subscribers is important, the time they spend browsing and consuming. The content that the service offers is even more important, and in between. Hbo and amazon prime are no longer true competition for netflix. The real rival to beat is fortnite. It’s a matter of mobile devices for what? Everything responds to netflix’s need to expand the consumption of its service in an environment beyond. The domestic one and the threat that the acclaimed game poses. Although in the united states, according to netflix data.

In Emerging Markets (Which Represent Its Highest

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A trend that is aggravated  growth rates in terms of subscribers) due to the lower penetration of these devices. With this in mind, it is important to consider. That epic games’ battle royale can be played on a large number of devices where you can also watch a netflix series. The arrival of fortnite on smartphones can make many users who used to take advantage of a moment of leisure to watch a netflix chapter. Now use it to start a game to try to survive on the island. It’s all a matter of understanding the consumer. It is estimated that a game of fortnite lasts about 20 minutes on average . Less than the duration of a chapter of most of the series that netflix has in its portfolio.

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