An SEO strategy without adequate content will not allow you to get very far. With an SEO approach, you can plan priorities in the publication of articles or resources in other formats, so that people can access useful information. Properly plan the necessary SEO actions. You must have an order in the actions that you will implement and set priorities. Only then can you appear in the first search results in less time. Define a time to visualize results. With a well-planned SEO strategy, you can anticipate the times in which you will see results on your website.

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Choose the most appropriate SEO actions on page and off page. When planning an SEO strategy, you need to consider the on-page and off-page actions that will need to be taken to achieve the goals you expect. Invitation to download a free template with the SEO factors that you should consider Main factors that influence Search Engine Optimization Germany Phone Number Google is a tool that takes many aspects into account to properly prioritize the information available to its users. Therefore, in Search Engine Optimization, it is necessary to consider different optimization factors, among which are: dominance factors Your address or url influences too much so that Google can crawl your web page.

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It is the first step that allows you to know what the content is about and how reliable your site is. Factors within the domain that influence SEO are: Age of the domain. Websites that are older can gain more relevance and reputation for search engines. Domain Contact Lists history. To rank the sites, Google takes into account the penalties that a site has for having carried out bad practices. The keyword in the domain and subdomain. Including the keyword in the domain can guide search engines to understand what the site is about, but this practice should not be abused. ccTLD. It is the ending with country that can include a domain.

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