What you need to know about a newsletter SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 2 MINUTES OF READING As a rule, a newsletter consists of articles and institutional news from the company. In this sense, it is a great way to drive your readers to other digital channels that you want to promote, for example, the website or social networks. This type of email tends to be more general and has a very defined frequency – fortnightly or monthly – and for this reason it is sent to the entire database (email contacts. This happens because the content offered by the newsletter is compatible with all stages of the sales funnel and with different purchase moments.

It Is Essential That The Sender

What is the difference between email marketing and newsletter? E-mail marketing is a format where the focus is on acquisition (downloading some material, purchasing a product or service, among others while the newsletter focuses on retention. Therefore, e-mail mobile number list marketing seeks to sell or publicize a product or service, while the newsletter aims to maintain a relationship with the customer through relevant content. 5 best practices for a newsletter. Submit only quality content You should bet on topics that answer the main questions on your email list.

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In Addition To The Subject

Do not use the newsletter to promote only your product or service. 2. Segment themes and create external links Organize your themes and create highlights for each one. When it comes to more extensive content, leave only an introduction to the topic in Contact Lists the newsletter and direct to the complete content on your website, through a button with a link. This is a great way to find out later which content was most interesting, by percentage of clicks. 3. Choose your subject and sender well One of the aspects that most influences the opening rate of newsletters is their subject. It should be succinct, objective and relevant.

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