We are only a few days away from super bowl liii. And a large number of brands are seeking to take advantage of this showcase. Although large film and series productions will also try . Hanna, from amazon prime video will be one of them. Over the last two weeks we have talked on several .Occasions about how attractive the big game . This despite the fact that it has suffered a drop in audiences. For something the cost of a 30-second ad costs more than 5 million dollars . However, this has not prevented this year from re-enlisting billboards. Rear ads and trailers with the firm goal of impacting those millions of viewers.

This Is the Case With the Seattle-based Service That Returns to the Super

Bowl to present the advance of one of the productions in which it has high expectations. This is Hanna, a series written and produced by David Farr that is based on the 2011 film , directed by Joe Wright and starring Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett, and Eric Bana. The film was relatively  canada email address list successful, after a budget of 30 million dollars and a collection of more than 63 million at the box office , which, although it can be considered very profitable, could actually have been better and the criticism weighed heavily.

Gain Prominence to Netflix Amazon Prime Video Broadcast

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this Wednesday the spot of more than a minute that it will project during Super Bowl LIII, in which, in addition to a lot of action, it stands out that it goes to the rhythm of Karen O . Its function is basic, to gain the attention of the fans to promote that it will release the first episode after the game for 24 hours, and then launch the complete season of 8 episodes in March. “The ads we run there can hold an audience captive, and hold their attention as long as a great game will,” Mike Benson, chief marketing officer for Prime Video, told Variety . This will be one of many productions that will seek to connect with the public.

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