knowingly crushing it with their content marketing strategy. The important questions to ask are: Do you know what is working for them, and why? Can you successfully spy on or carry out competitive analysis to determine what exactly they’re doing right? It’s bad enough if the fate of your content marketing hangs on your competitor, but it’s even worse if you’re copying them blindly and hoping for the best. How can you know what’s bringing in more leads for them or what’s making them more money just by looking at their social media feeds and latest blog posts? Unfortunately, you can’t, unless you’re a super sleuth. 

Your competitor’s business and audience are subtly different to yours Conventional wisdom has it that longer articles are better and rank higher on search engines. It’s true. In fact, this study by Brian Dean shows that the average Google first page result contains 1,890 words. Does it mean your audience wants to read 2,000-word articles? Not necessarily. They may prefer shorter posts broken down into shorter chunks or a series. Apply the same logic to copying your competitors. Based on the fact that you both have unique selling propositions (USPs), your buyer personas are likely to be different. Chances are, their audience will not react to or read your landing page copy, blog posts, or product descriptions in the same way that your audience will. 

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Trying to mimic your competitor’s tone of voice will not always work on your audience either because your business and value proposition are ultimately not the same. Different types of voice – formal and informal – work for different demographics. 4. You don’t have the same resources they do This is probably the most important of them all. By Ukraine phone number resources, I mean software, tools, teams, and ultimately, budget. They all work together. I stumbled on this comment recently on LinkedIn. That’s a comment from Sumo’s chief content strategist on LinkedIn. They’re spending $40,000 a month on writers, editing and promoting content. 

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That’s more than some startups are able to spend on one content marketer per year! Here’s another example from Neil Patel. Yes, that’s Neil Patel. Look closely at the rows for SEO and Content Or perhaps I should mention Hubspot? They create more content in one week than some startups do in a quarter. It’s easy for them because they have multiple staff writers, accept guest posts and have upper-level management and partners who contribute to their content marketing too.

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If you don’t have the same resources as your competitors, you’ll have to hustle thrice as hard and much more to get the results they’re getting, or even come close. That’s reality. It’s sad. I know. But don’t get depressed. There’s hope. How to ensure your content marketing strategy is better than your competitors First, if you’re looking for quick results, and you’re not ready to spend time in executing a content marketing strategy, go buy PPC advertising instead of reading this post. I’m serious. But if you’re in this for the long game, read on. Build an excellent team It may sound obvious, but it’s so often overlooked.

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