Even though search engine optimization strategies are nothing new. The truth is that for marketing teams, developing actions related to seo still represents a great challenge. The concern to improve efforts within this field has to do with the opportunities offered . By occupying a privileged place within the search engines. At least 61 percent of marketers consider inbound marketing to be the top priority as reported by hubspot. Furthermore, for 57 percent of those involved in the b2b segment. Seo allows them to generate more leads than any other marketing activity.

In This Game, Google Is Positioned as One of the Main Players That

Brands are obliged to understand in order to optimize their actions in this field. Data compiled by blue crown reveals that google is responsible for at least 94 percent of organic traffic. How does the search giant do it? In this way. It is not surprising that digital marketing Buy Hong Kong WhatsApp Numbers teams keep up to date with the adjustments in the google algorithm or. The well with the new tools offered by the search engine to improve the guarantees of success in this type of positioning strategies. But what would happen if google shared with your brand the “Secrets” of its seo strategy?

Sean O’keefe, Google Website Optimizer, Has Delivered a Report

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On the optimization measures that, according to the spokesperson. The same ones used by google to improve the positioning of the sites owned by said technology firm. In principle, it ensures that the digital properties of the highly sought after receive.The same treatment in search results as any other website. Which means that the internal teams of the mountain view firm also have to follow google’s seo strategy. “that’s why we’ve put in place a consistent seo strategy that we can trust. No matter what new changes are introduced. And that anyone with a website can learn from,” said o’keefe.

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