Management of Mac and PC platform. Detection of digital trends for their strategic application in content. Skills of a Social Mia Manager: Experience in marketing, administration, branding and content development. Knowlge of web analytics systems , business analytics and social metrics. Management of systems for advertising campaigns and promotion of social networks. Knowlge of ROI analysis systems, conversion and Social Mia KPIs. Experience in research methodologies or techniques. Management of techniques for the development of SEM and SEO strategies.

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Excellent written and oral communication. Knowlge in Photoshop, text itors, Power Point and Excel. HTML , development of sites and blogs. How to be a more productive Community Manager and Social Mia Manager? For these two positions, one of the Brazil Phone Number most important keys to increase productivity is the use of tools that help optimize their time. I present you some of them: Hootsuite – Works for social mia management. The advantage of this platform is that it allows collaborative management, that is, several team members can interact on the same account. In addition, it allows you to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Audiense. allows you to monitor your community and analyze your followers in detail.

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In addition, it shows you the hours and days of greatest activity on Twitter. Metricool. offers the ability to analyze, manage and measure the most relevant metrics of your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website or blog. You can even Contact Lists view graphs, measure results, schule content and see what’s happening on your blog and Twitter in real time. Currently these two profiles play a fundamental role for companies that want to have a presence in the digital environment. SEO: What is it and how does it help your sales? Author Irene Calcaneo 8 September, 2017 SEO Leave a comment Modifi May 16, 2022 Article cover.

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