Messaging apps are seen by several specialists as. The next great field in which brands will compete for consumer attention and. Although we know that whatsapp is the one with the highest penetration. That does not mean that other applications seek to gain relevance. Even one like google maps . The browser started the year with a new tool on its platform and. Although for the moment it has not given official information from. Its blog, various users and media have already reported its activation in various countries for the mobile version . Both for android and for ios. It is a feature that google had already been known to test for months. But had not formally activated to allow users to send and receive messages . Although there are keys that you need to know.

Yes, Indeed, It Will Not Allow Sending and Receiving User-user Messages,

But user-business; apparently the idea is to work in a similar way to whatsapp for business. The objective is to offer useful information to customers about the products or services offered by establishments. A menu, service hours or promotions, for example. For this UK BUSINESS FAX LIST to happen, businesses or brands must enable. The messages function from google my business . So we will have to wait for it to be adopted by the bars. Restaurants, shops or cinemas to which we want to make inquiries. If it is already active, the envelope icon (typical in most messaging apps) will appear on the card or description of the establishment you want to consult. Thus, just click to start a conversation.

If the User Wants to Search for Messages on His Profile, He Just


Needs to go to the menu located on the top left and select the ‘messages’ submenu. We did the test but at the moment we have not found an establishment in mexico that has the messages function. Although this does not mean that there is not one (tell us if you find one). We know that at least in spain and. The united states it has already been activated in several. In this way , google maps is trying to enter a segment in which whatsapp and. Telegram and even waze already have a presence. But in its favor it can be said that it is a very young category that has a lot to grow, so maybe it is in time to do so to perfect your tool. It is worth mentioning that by the end of this year emarketer projections suggest .That there will be more than 2,180 million users of mobile messaging applications worldwide. And that the penetration of this type of app will register a relevant increase to reach the 43.3 percent.

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