It is not a secret that the world turns more and more to the digital environment. Year after year we see how the investment in digital advertising . Increases, a field where google and facebook are the ones that dominate. To give us an idea, it is estimated that during 2018 around 276 thousand. 165 million dollars were spent worldwide on digital advertising (which considers search advertising, banner and social media). According to data from statista. A number that looks impressive and that many companies are probably willing to benefit from. However, according to data from visual capitalist. Facebook and google dominate in this area with 57.6 percent of all market share together.

But It Seems That They Could Be About to Reach the Breaking Point.

Let’s look at the numbers of 2017. For a lake google reported revenue from advertising for more than 95 billion dollars . While facebook did it for more than 39 billion. However, in the last year they have faced many problems due to the oversaturation of ads on their respective platforms. Something that Buy Peru WhatsApp Numbers has been pointed out by users for a long time and that has motivated the popularization of adblocks.Facebook and google dominate in this area with 57.6 percent of all market share together.Faced with this situation, both of you buy have had to take action. For example, the one in mountain view since last year began to deploy a strategy to block.

As We Are Reminded. From Marketing Land. In Total

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But starting in 2019 Chrome will begin to implement it globally . It will be on July 9 when the browser will begin to block ads that it considers do not fall under its standards, which were developed by the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA), an industry group of which Google is a founding member,  there are twelve formats; 4 for desktop (Laptops and PC) and 8 for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which will be blocked by Chrome from the second half of the year. This will surely motivate users to stay on the sites (something that Google wants) but it will force brands to modify the ad formats that they probably already had designed and programmed.

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