Our April Industry Insider is dedicated to Giorgia Mondani , author, entrepreneur and. Social Media Influencer in the luxury watch industry. Giorgia is one of the few women protagonists in the world of watchmaking and thanks to her resourcefulness she has carried out the editorial project of her family, Mondani Editore , Israel Phone Number List transforming it into a web platform accessible to customers and professionals. Protagonist among the Influencer Voices of our January 2020 Luxury Watches Ranking , Giorgia Mondani told us her story, her projects and the way she relates to the importance of her Voice in setting up her future marketing strategies.

About You We Have Read Various Contents, Articles,

Israel Phone Number List interviews, including those on the New York Times, we have read your blog and started following you on Instagram. Can you tell us how you and your family started working in the world of luxury? First of all, thank you for being passionate about my story Israel Phone Number and my content. My dad was, and to some extent still is, one of the largest collectors of Rolex watches in the world; he sold his collection at auction in 2007 with 309 wristwatches that achieved incredible results and broke several world records. It all started several years ago when my mom gave him her first Rolex as a gift;from there love was born and the passion has also turned into a job as, having already been the founder of a publishing house, he began to focus on books that dealt precisely with luxury watches,

Thus It All Started and Today, 30 Years Later,

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We still sell Israel Phone Number List our books all over the world and parallel to this activity. We have opened a communication agency exclusively focused .On the world of collectible watches . As for me, I started by joining the family business after doing an internship of over a year in. A swiss auction house, expanding my experience. I increased my knowledge on the subject and together with my husband and . My parents  Israel Phone Number List we have activated mondani .Web , our agency. Social networks represent for me not only a way to be known and highlight potential. given the lack of information about it.

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