I haven’t set this up at home (yet), so for the step-by-step plan I looked up iPhoned for the explanation. You have to do something for it: Download the Philips Hue app and go to the ‘Discover’ tab. Click there on ‘Philips Hue + Spotify’. Click the blue “Enable early access” button and then the blue “Get Started” button. Choose ‘Spotify account’ and log in with your Philips Hue account and your Kuwait Phone Number Spotify account. If successful, you will see a large check mark. Choose the ‘entertainment room’ you want to use. You can set this via the Settings menu of the Philips Hue app. After the instructions on how to use the Google Assistant with this feature, you’re done. The Sync tab has now appeared in the app.

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Start a private session With ‘Friend Activity’ all your friends can see what you are listening to on Spotify. Do you not need that for a while? Then you can start a ‘Private Session’. This can be done on the desktop as well as Kuwait Phone Number via the app. Go to your ‘Settings’ via the cogwheel. Scroll down, and click on ‘Social’ (or ‘social’). Turn on the slider at ‘Private Session’. This is how you start a  session in the app. You can also use this option if, for example, you listen to music in a ‘crazy mood’ that you never actually listen to.

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Link Spotify and Shazam You may have noticed in the screenshots above: you can link Spotify and Shazam together. If you have found a song with (the music recognition app) Shazam, you can immediately add it to your Kuwait Phone Number Spotify app. For example, you can add the song directly to a specific playlist, or it will automatically appear under the heading ‘My Shazam Songs’. Useful! Hopefully, this list includes some features or tips that you didn’t know about. Do you remember any useful Spotify features that I haven’t mentioned? Leave your tip in a comment below this article.It’s almost impossible not to have heard or seen the term ‘metaverse’ somewhere in recent months.

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