If you search Google News for how much news has been published about Game of Thrones, the original title of Game of Thrones, the television series that adapts the literary saga of George RR Martin, the search engine is not only efficient when it comes to finding what that we are looking for (0.57 seconds of work?) but it is also when it comes to finding almost anything that we can look for. Right now, there are 32,000,000 localized news that address the subject. And, if you do the exercise of waiting for the search engine to offer search suggestions, you can also find a list of potential content suggestions that everyone is looking for, that if information about spoilers than if information about the exact day on the the season begins. Once you have clicked and waited for Google to return the list of results, it is possible to find analyzes carried out by algorithms to discover whether certain characters are dead or not, profiles, analysis and practically anything that we can imagine. After all, on the other side there are 32 million songs waiting for us to read them.

If you use Google Trends, that guru of things that interest us, to see how the searches related to the series have evolved, two things can be found. One is that, obviously, the term is searched much more in English (in red) than Malta Phone Number List in Spanish (blue). Another is that HBO, the network responsible for the series, is a genius at positioning and generating interest. Search spikes are associated with the beginning and end of each season year after year, and although the writer had been publishing the novels for years and creating a loyal audience for them, the frenzy is actually tied to the beginning of the television adaptation.

And it is that the case of Game of Thrones is one of those that shows how very viral content can be generated and that arouse a lot of interest and how it can be done from something that is of minority input. The novels of George R. R. Martin had a dedicated reading public, one that devoured each volume and that waited (waits) patiently for the author to launch each one of the installments. This niche of readers / fans was the one that gave the first push to the television adaptation, but it ended up engulfing the literary product (why did you start watching or reading Game of Thrones, one must ask? world around seemed to be doing it) and that it has also become a mass phenomenon and one to understand how these phenomena are generated. Because if something has done well (very well, in fact) HBO is a solid marketing and social media strategy.

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