Millennials, no matter how little you live in this world, you already know who we are talking about, undoubtedly one of the fashionable topics, the generation of those born after 1980, which seems to have become the target that every brand and company worth its salt wants to conquer. , surpassing the already “decadent” and past generations X or the Baby Boomers.

Now that I am in my forties, I am not going to Japan WhatsApp Number List  dedicate myself to theorizing about the “puzzle” that designing strategies for this target can entail, in any of the spheres in which they live. What if I dare to do from my forty-something, with a flexible mind, is to put into practice a singular theory – Those products that they did not know configure a completely different way of thinking, making the “more adults” feel like real dinosaurs

With teary eyes of nostalgia I am going to describe a series of products that were part of my childhood and my professional beginnings, which I suppose somehow shaped my way of thinking. Here is a partial list: the floppy disks, the spectrum or Amstram, the dial-up sound of the Internet connection, the VHS and Beta tapes, the vinyl records, the cassette as a sign of romance, the typewriter, the fax, bank card,

This is a short list of things that anyone born after 1980, unless they are a bit hipsters or freak, in many cases knows but has not lived; Not having lived it as they are going to think as the forty-something and it is going to be easy for us to connect with them? How are they going to connect with some “gentlemen” whose experience in retail was based, among other things, on the “ding” of the cash register? People who sometimes wrote letters and received postcards, who used a pencil to rewind a cassette tape, the encyclopedia misses our ally to do homework, we used tracing paper, etc. All this without naming characters like ET, Mazinger Z, Heidi, … who marked a childhood where there were only two television channels.

The good news is that if you have not known any of this you can Google it, print one of these products on your 3D printer, or even ask your parents, this will generate an emotional connection as you have not lived for a long time. If you are from my generation, you only have to adapt to certain times, which as my grandmother said “they advance, which is outrageous”, and if you are astute enough to take advantage of a feeling as strong as nostalgia to work “flash back brands “that impact generations that have not ceased to be relevant.

The foregoing was scientifically raised by North American researchers Robert Schindler and Morris Holbrook, a few years ago, who analyzed for years the buying behavior of people between 20 and 80 years of age in order to determine how the purchase drivers were associated with the last. As a result, they found that people are nostalgic for their youth, which is manifested in their behavior. Regardless of age, they found that everyone has a time in their lives associated with better experiences … associating “good times” with the Decade they grew up in.

In short, if you are bold, it is not only about reinvented products and brands, but also about using design, packaging, communication? to transport consumers to a time they long for.

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