BERT means the following : BERT is an improved deep learning algorithm Estonia Phone Number List related to natural language processing (NLP). This algorithm helps Google understand the nuances of human language much better. This update is therefore mainly aimed at searches formulated in natural language or conversations (eg voice search). And what does this mean for content? Not so much. You cannot optimize for BERT, since the update is there to understand searches even better. What you can do is write more specific content, based on long tail keywords . Look for this in Search Console under the heading performance and check whether there is a group of keywords that are very similar, or that you can cluster. Create content for this topic, if you don’t already have content for it.

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Purpose Marketing This marketing trend is also one that brands have Estonia Phone Number List stepped into and will be getting into en masse. Not all with the same success. The idea of ​​purpose marketing: showing as a company that it is not just about money, but that you also contribute to the world in a way. And imbue your entire brand communication with that. But to do that with you really  have a purpose. We know the Tony Chocolonely’s and Doppers of the world, they are good at it and have clearly communicated what they do it for from day one of their existence. Social enterprises that understand how to use social channels to enthuse, inspire and activate their followers and brand ambassadors.

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Sunday with Lubach: The Great Travel Hack Shell Where Estonia Phone Number List companies want to take advantage of this trend, but actually have no right to do so. The term greenwashing comes into play. Making something more beautiful and greener than it actually is. Or pretend you’re contributing to a better world, even though you ‘ve been in the top 20 most polluting companies in the world for years. What BP and Shell have achieved this year is therefore alarming and laughable. Both companies were hit on social media, but especially Shell was kicked a little further into the ground by Sunday with Lubachwith The Great Travel Hack campaign. Completely justified,

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