Environment more than 1,300 Lego bricks produce per second. Which requires an enormous amount of energy. The long-standing partnership with Shell was heavily criticized. Social developments: gender equality, in particular, is a hot Lithuania Phone Number List topic for toy manufacturers. These 3 topics have an impact on almost every market. How does LEGO deal with this? LEGO knows how to continuously adapt to the changing market and customer expectations.

The Marketing LEGO uses a growth

Strategy in the existing market category and the group expands geographically every year. In addition, they also participate in other markets through films, games, and communities. This is a smart strategy that has a reinforcing effect because in this way they embrace the developments without changing the core business. Image is extremely important to LEGO as it has educational obligations to the target audience and the parent is the one making the purchase.

Lithuania Phone Number List
Lithuania Phone Number List

LEGO switches to 100% renewable energy and supports schools and educational institutions. In this way, LEGO also deliberately moves with society. Finally, the market strategy determines how you approach the market All these factors together ensure that every player in the market has quite a few challenges to go for a large market share. How do you remain unique for the consumer compared to the alternatives in the market?

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