When it became known that flickr would change owners? It was anticipated that there would be several changes.Some of them explained by the platform itself in recent months. But now they will begin to be effective . And its users could lose part of the content they have on the platform. We know that today social networks are essential in the lives of millions of people. Not for nothing that more than 2.6 billion users worldwide .Agree on them according to data projected in statista. And, among the great diversity that exists in this type of platform.

After the Merger of Yahoo! And Aol to Create Oath, Many of the

Services, products, and companies that were part of the Sunnyvale company underwent changes, either ownership, or even disappeared. One that underwent  australia mobile number database changes was Flickr, which in 2018 was acquired by SmugMug, which anticipated that there would be changes in the platform’s policies and conditions of use. This was something important, since the app has offered its subscribers 1 TeraByte of storage since 2013 and the option to upload images of up to 200 MB, as well as videos of up to 1GByte of 3 minutes , this in the free version.

It Also Offers a Premium Version for $50 Per Year With Special Options  

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But the free version is really very good, so – according to various sources – most subscribers opt for it. Since November and December of last year they reported that this would change, limiting free accounts to just 1,000 photos, although they did not specify when that would be. Now, various media report that notifications have already begun to arrive that the change will begin tomorrow, February 5, so users with free accounts who have more than the allowed limit could lose their oldest content.

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