The mystery shopper or mystery shopper is a technique used by companies to evaluate and measure the quality of customer service and sales and marketing processes. Mystery customers act like ordinary customers who make a purchase or consume a service and then provide a report on what their experience was like.

During the mystery shopping processes, specific activities are developed such as buying a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in some specific way, to finally provide detailed reports and Chile Phone Number List feedback on their experiences through an evaluation and observation template. Subsequently, work is done on a qualitative analysis of different predefined variables, to then make proposals in the sense of improving and / or maintaining the attention of its workers (salespeople, promoters, service personnel among others) at a level close to the optimum in development. improvement plans.

The incognito customer has multiple uses within the sales, marketing and customer service improvement processes.

MYSTERY SHOPPER is very useful to evaluate sellers, promoters (as) and sales promoters and generate processes and improvement in distribution channels, contributing to:

Improve sales processes
Evaluate and optimize sales closing arguments and techniques
Evaluate the level of knowledge of the product by the commercial forces and identify opportunities for improvement
Monitoring of sales and marketing tactics and processes and measure the level of compliance with isms
Monitor the layout of the points of sale
Evaluate the personal presentation of commercial and service teams
MYSTERY SHOPPER to evaluate the service, it is very useful to evaluate the quality of the service and compliance with the protocols, helping companies to optimize the strategy through

The evaluation of service processes
Monitoring and follow-up of protocol compliance
Measure the attitude and friendliness of customer contact persons
Know the level of empowerment and ability to solve problems on the part of customer service teams
Evaluate personal presentation
MYSERY SHOPPER for process monitoring, in this case specific processes that want to improve or ensure compliance by customer service teams are evaluated

This methodology is ideal for measuring compliance and monitoring protocols
Changes and implementation of new processes, new messages from brands, changes in company names and changes in products
Measure whether the sales and communication arguments of the Trade and marketing campaigns are being applied correctly.
It helps to generate cultural changes, since the Mystery Shopper gives away and rewards or invites the evaluated person to improve or comply with the process, quickly generating voice to voice. It is very useful in developing incentive plans when you want to make rapid cultural and service changes.

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