When new formats, new scenarios or new ways of connecting with consumers appear, brands can take a certain risk. They may come to take for granted that everything new has much more power than everything old and put aside those practices that over time have proven to be reliable or that have been Switzerland Phone Number List part of their strategy, in favor of a 100% strategy. linked to what the new scenarios say and do.

However, this is still a mistake. Although in many cases new practices make old practices somewhat obsolete, some of the formats of the past should not be completely erased from the strategy book. Leaving all the old for the new is a failure. Brands have to be able to maintain the benefits of the old and integrate it with what the new imposes, since not all things cease to be valid or useful when new elements appear and not everything suddenly ceases to be relevant to the consumer.

And in this last point, you just have to look at the field of marketing and how its presence continues to be not only relevant but also increasingly recommended. What is field marketing? Brands generate experiences at the point of sale to connect with consumers, who feel linked to the brand thanks to these actions and the emotions, sensations and memories that they generate. Its use and its application can come from all kinds of brands and from all kinds of scenarios. It can be from the supermarket that makes consumers try products to the amusement park that fuses songs and activities to make the experience more relevant and memorable.

Brands are thus able not only to establish direct contact with the consumer but also to see their reaction in the moment and, above all, to see and generate a certain satisfaction. The brand is creating an experience, it is being part of it and it is seeing in real time how the consumer connects with it.

And all of this has become more and more crucial in recent years, as the virtual world has made brands much less tangible and much more, therefore, aseptic, but it has not made consumers want experiences less. . Shoppers want to keep getting those messages and those emotions, no matter how much the network has created other realities. For this reason, bringing the consumer experience back to the potential point of sale (or a physical point of contact) is more important than ever. As a sector manager pointed out a few years ago, field marketing and its use were growing. “It is a process that is on the rise, an unequivocal sign that the way of advertising and marketing campaigns are changing,” he pointed out.

The need for human contact
In the omnichannel universe, in addition, it could already be taken for granted that it is what the consumer wants and desires and what brands will have no choice but to offer. No matter how much it is bought online and as much as consumers are using the Internet more and more in their purchasing processes, they still want to access what physical stores can offer and, above all, what brands can create in them . As they point out in the conclusions of a Salesfloor study, consumers, no matter how online, want a more human experience, they want to feel closer to the brand.

For this reason, consumers continue to visit stores and continue to ask sellers for advice, since that human contact is what they miss in their online purchases. 84% acknowledge that they miss the advice of the seller when buying online and 58% that this is what really fails online stores.

Stores therefore only have to create experiences and connect with consumers. They have to be able to create memorable moments and points of contact between consumers, products and brands and they have to be able to apply those theories and ideas to all the settings in which consumers operate.

One of the study’s recommendations is to make shop assistants able to also be present online, to replicate that part of the offline shopping experience within the network. Another thing that could be added is the fact that it should not be forgotten that the consumer jumps from one scenario to another and, therefore, take advantage of the moment in which he is in each scenario to attack in it with memorable experiences that can be created in c

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