In a world in which reaching the consumer is increasingly difficult and in which maintaining relationships with them is increasingly difficult, brands are beginning to value more and more establishing emotional relationships with them. Companies want to become lovemarks, the brands that consumers love and which, as a result, have become more than just an item in the shopping cart.

The reasons why brands want to become lovemarks are quite clear and are closely linked to their position in the market, but the path to becoming lovemarks seems very complicated. What have the firms that already are  Canada WhatsApp Number List done to achieve it? Is there no other way than organic, in any case, to enter the heart of the consumer? There is no secret formula and the consumer cannot be forced to love a product by making use of the advertising investment, but companies can follow a certain series of tips to cross over to the emotional side and move towards becoming a lovemark.

Good customer service, Offering good customer service is one of the elements that is often recommended when trying to create the best conditions to reach consumers. The positive points that companies achieve in their brand image with this reality are very high: a consumer will see with much better eyes a company that is capable of serving them in a positive and good way. But the truth is that good customer service not only makes consumers feel good at the time of purchase, but also has an emotional effect that leads the buyer to feel linked to the firm at a level that goes far beyond the simple commercial exchange. On the road to ‘loving’ a brand, how it treats its consumers has a lot to say.

You just have to see the way in which those firms that have managed to become lovemarks in the world of technology behave and that therefore have a much shorter life than other brands. They have managed to establish emotional bonds with consumers in a very short time. How have they done it? The secret is, in part, in their concern for the customer and the service they are offering. Take, for example, Amazon or Zappos, two firms that have managed to establish very close ties in e-commerce with their consumers. The after-sales service and how they present what they have purchased to their consumers (Amazon has packaging that makes it very easy to extract the product) make their consumers feel more comfortable.

A unique and differential experience ,Good customer experience doesn’t have to be the only thing brands work on and the only thing they strive for. The truth is that companies have to work hard on how they relate to customers and create memorable experiences. Lovemarks always allow, in any case, a unique experience, they make consuming your products and services something different. The customer experience becomes, in fact, part of its charm.

Let’s take an example from the tourism industry. What do the names of the great centenary hotels and luxury trains like the Orient Express evoke to the consumer? Sensations and emotions derived from the fact that accessing them, being able to use their services, generate experiences that are difficult to repeat and marked by elements that make them unique and exceptional are quickly associated with their name.

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