The problem is that it seeks to do so without ceasing to be important to advertisers. A double game that can be risky. Although it is the one with the highest penetration worldwide with more than 2 thousand 234 million users . In the last year it has faced serious problems of brand reputation and data protection. This has already had an impact as the number of users has begun to slow down significantly. Particularly in generations such as z or postmillennial and generation . Or tactile who have no interest in being on this platform. The memes the solution?

The Platform to Stimulate Greater User Activity and to Attract New Subscribers.

But not all of them have worked. Now it seems that he is going for a resource. That can be said to be the most popular of the last five years. Memes. It is about lol, an application that would be designed to allow the publication of memes. Gifs and videos Cambodia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists categorized by themes and. For obvious reasons, to motivate people to use it as one of their preferred ways of sharing content. According to techcrunch, a medium that has found the presence of the app. The menlo park company is currently testing it with a small group of 100 high school users in the united states. Naturally, if it works and these teenagers like. It, facebook would begin to liberalize users from all over the united states and other countries.

That Memes Have Established Themselves as One of the Preferred

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forms of communication in the digital age, thanks to the effectiveness they demonstrate in connecting with audiences. This is content that has great potential for what we call virality, as a button shows: at the end of last year, when the hype for avengers: infinity war was beginning to fade, robert downey jr. (tony stark / iron-man ) posted a meme on facebook mocking thanos and the elimination of several avengers. The publication accumulates more than 99 ml reactions, almost 5 thousand comments and has been shared more than 19 thousand times. In the case of facebook’s lol.

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